AIESEC Japan holds an Internship program every year in which international college students voluntarily apply to experience job trainings in many different regions in the world including Yamanashi prefecture, Japan.

NPO Chiiki Sosei Organization is a group of people based in Japan who aim to dig out hidden treasures in remote areas and make it a new resource of tourism in Japan.


We are a collaboration of AIESEC Japan and NPO Chiiki Sosei Organization.

Who We are


What We Do

Coming from different countries like China, Thailand, Indonesia, we're passionately driven to take advantage of AIESEC internship program as an opportunity to explore the unique cultures, experience business practices and express what we enjoyed and valued while we stay in Yamanashi.

Our approach is to create OUR YAMANASHI a better platform for travelers in the world to get to know what's happening now and what's the life like in Yamanashi by actually engaging local activities and living the daily life.

We work with established organizations, agencies, companies as well as local facilities. Our focus is to dig deeper of place, people, culture, food and natural scenery hidden in Yamanashi nature.


New Connections, New Values.


From Staffs


Kasuya Shimoizumi

NPO Chiiki Sosei Organization


Kazuya Shimoizumi

Welcome to Japan! Are you looking for Japanese dishes and shopping stores in a big city like Tokyo? Or visiting historical towns in Kyoto?

But everyone, Japan has a lot more wonderful areas to touch real Japan! We, NPO Chiiki Sosei Organization, are engaging in activities with a hope for people all over the world to know those areas and have a chance to visit there.

Yamanashi is 90 minutes by car from Tokyo, and where the world heritage Mt. Fuji rises. It is well known for wine production, natural hot springs, full of nature and cultural traditions. I assure you that Yamanashi will surely produce a memorable Japanese trip for you.



Keio University Local Committee

Takuma Sudo

We introduce companies or non-profit organizations to foreign students as intern students in charge of AIESEC in Japan Keio University Local Committee Incoming exchange. In Yamanashi prefecture, we are addressing regional revitalization; foreign students are spreading undiscovered tourist spots though SNS in purpose of inviting new people to Yamanashi prefecture. I hope that the effort will continue and have an impact to other region.

Kohei Yokomori

NPO Chiiki Sosei Organization YAMANASHI

Masahiro Inoue

Hello, every travelers in the world! Thank you for visiting OUR YAMANASHI. This website is going to be a platform where you can get a tip of how wonderful Yamanashi is and realize how little you know about Yamanashi. I am also grateful for the collaboration with young and active AIESEC students. Appreciating their fresh eyes and honest words, I wish you find Yamanashi attractive in global way and enjoy coming here.

Shinya Sendoda

NPO Chiiki Sosei Organization YAMANASHI

Shinya Sendoda

I am more than happy and excited about collaborating with this team under the valued mission that is to re-activate the tourism in Yamanashi.

I believe that OUR YAMANSHI takes an important role for the local in future, and brings the AIESEC internship a lot of great and unique opportunities! Why not join our team!


where yamanashi is

Yamanashi is a Japanese prefecture to the southwest of Tokyo on the island of Honshu. It encompasses the northern part of Mount Fuji, where hundreds of thousands of visitors climb to the summit every year. In the Fuji Five Lakes area, resort towns surround the lakes created by the iconic mountain’s eruption. The region is renowned for hiking, climbing, skiing, bathing in Onsen and tasting wines.


from Tokyo

by train ride

Japan's No.1

production of

grapes and peaches


of the prefecture is

covered by forests