Since the foundation, a Japanese style hotel "Kagetsu", known for the abundant use of signature stones, has been loved by many cultural people and artists.
The pure Japanese style architecture has an elegant impression in each of the four seasons, even in silence.
Kagetsu will dedicate to offer everyone "honorable hospitality" everyday.

385 Kawanakajima, Isawa town,

Fuefuki city, YAMANASHI

Japan 406-0024

TEL: (+81)-55-262-4526

Fruit Park SAIAN

SAIAN values Yamanashi's nature, and aims for the development of agriculture by taking advantage of local food and our experiences gained from the nature.

Yamanashi is the origin of various fruits that can boast all over the world. Not only well-known peaches and grapes, but also a lot of other fruits such a "La France" (Signature of all pears) and "Kiyou" (King of Plum) are produced.


At Saian, we not only deliver such Yamanashi products directly from the farm, but also participate in the "Koshu Shingen's Association" and are working to disseminate the value of them to the whole Japan and the whole world.

2106-1 Fuse,


Japan 409-3841

TEL: (+81)-55-231-5353

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