• Our Yamanashi

Glad to hear Japanese all around me. From AIESEC WHU to AIESEC KEIO


Learned to sing the songs here since I was a little girl. Now finally got the chance to come to this country.

All the way to the west, we traveled from the cold-colored skyscrapers in the center, to the brick houses in the suburbs, and to the mountains in the outskirts which reminds me of my own hometown.

After three hours on the bus, I came to the Yamanashi ken full of peach trees and grapevines.

I really love this small town.

There is hot spring, sunshower, and cute cars running here and there.

The Kagetsu Ryokan is really amazing, the garden is so delicate that makes me think that even the spider spinning its web is something deliberately designed by its owner.

The water in the pond is surprisingly clear and transparent. The dorm is so good. I’d like to live in this Japanese styled room with air conditioner for ever.

The hot spring is even greater. I will definitely take photos of it later(when there is nobody).

The staff here is so pretty and nice and polite. Really ashamed of myself saying “俺 (ore)” from time to time.

Went to the real Isakaya with real Japanese people. Really love the feeling surrounded by the Japanese, although I couldn’t understand all the words.

My one month here begins. Looking forward to the life and work here. And I wish I could finish my essay before the deadline..

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