• Our Yamanashi

A day in heaven under the Fuji Mountain


Fuji-Q Highland+Fuji Mountain Hot Springs(富士山温泉).

The third place that I said I would come again.

Pic 1: VR themed on Attack on Titan and life sized titan model. Staff inside with a green cloak sounded as cold as the officer Levi Ackerman. How dedicated he was.

Pic 2, 3: It says the place best for confessing one’s love to another. Looking forward to the winter when the lake surface freezes.

Pic 4: My favorite two facilities: Dododonpa and Tekotsubancho. The former one was crazy exciting! And the latter made me understand why this theme part was built under the Fuji Mountain – the scenery couldn’t be better!

Pic 6, 7: A hospital that I didn’t dare to go inside (yes it’s a whole building of ghost house). Beside it was another one themed on the Black Butler. We three girls were overconfident to come inside. Only one way out! A door to open by ourselves! We turned the doorknob a little bit but immediately felt something about coming out of it. So we screamed and dashed out of the house… We may need a troop to protect us.

Pic 8: After nearly one month working in a Japanese styled Ryokan, I thought I would never be surprised by any hot springs. But I did.

Five kinds of different hot springs! Sleeping hot spring + open-air hot spring + medicine hot spring + Stone SPA + Carbonic acid hot spring.

Absolutely I couldn’t afford to miss this chance and enjoyed each one of them. In the Carbonic acid one, I felt myself turning into coca cola.

After many years, I may come here again with my family.