• Our Yamanashi

Japanese Koto + Macha + Samisen


Thirteen strings.

The scale comes by mi la xi do mi fa la xi do mi fa la xi.

Different from that of Chinese Guzheng, the fingers always stop at strings rather than making a sound and then leaving it.

So the picks are thick and long. Playing from the top to the bottom, it sounded like a song in Inuyasha. We learnt Sakura and The Moon in A Deserted City.

The music score is also different. The formal ones are written by Chinese characters, manifesting the strings rather than the scales, similar to one of Chinese traditional noting methods. Sat straightly till my feet numb.

Macha turned to be the pulverized sprouting tea leaves.

No picture of Samisen, but the material of the sound box shocked me.

The hostess was so nice and played the advanced version of Sakura for us.

Randomly took two pictures of Ghibli Museum.

It’s really delicately designed inside but no photos there. It would be better if there could be someone explaining for I actually knew little about the animation production.