• Our Yamanashi



Woke up in Tokyo, and slept in Shanghai.

The feeling comes to me that I‘m really leaving here when I’m dragged forward by the plane.

What does the clouds look like? To me, it’s just the white foams up on the draught beer.

Cute girls who are still active and cute with kimono in the Kagetsu, home party by Hanamaru san and Keiko san.

Adults in their 40s were playing the guitar, singing their own songs, and dancing like kids. I never thought that we’d decide to meet again.

Though I threw away the scale I brought to Japan, I will carry the 3kg gained by my meetings and partings in Japan and continue to walk on my way. Leaving the place without ancient well, Inuyasha, or magic power, I felt a tinge of emptiness.

But I will go on with all the memory in me.

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