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New chapter of my trainee's life


It's very first time for me to experience the new things at Kagetsu (The Japanese traditional ryokan which I will be trained for 6 months).

On the first day, I have to do various works such as decorating the table, setting the plates in Japanese traditional way, greeting the new customer and saying goodbye when the customer leaves hotel in every morning.

To say goodbye to the customers was very impressive moment for me in this work, not just only the receptionist who are humble and caring but the customer also taking care of the receptionist as well.

When the receptionist said “Arigatou gozaimashita” (in Japanese means “Thank you” in proper way), their faces were full of smiling and thankfulness.

In fact, word choice can make a huge difference when it comes to changing the way people act or feel. The way they interact to each other was definitely beautiful.

So I could learn that simply saying “Arigatou gozaimashita” to a customer is a powerful way to strengthen your relationship with them.

Receiving gratitude doesn’t just change the way we think and feel, it changes the way we behave for the better.

This was my first chapter of my new life at Kagetsu.

Arigatou Gozaimashita.

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