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Onsen, So Shy but Comfortable

I am majoring in Japanese Language at Diponegoro University in Indonesia, so i’ve learned about Japanese language and Japanese culture before I came to Japan.

When I arrived in Japan, Kazu and Kento who belong to Keio AIESEC had been waiting for me and we went to Kagetsu Hotel (Japanese traditional inn, where I internship now) at Isawa Onsen, Yamanashi.

On arrival at Kagetsu, one of the staffs showed me my room. Very nice room with Japanese style but one thing that surprised me was in my room I can't found shower. The staff said that employees here can only bathe in the Onsen (Japanese hot spring). I was very surprised and nervous.

I have known about onsen BUT I didn’t prepare my self to take a bath and naked together on the first day I came to Japan.

I took off my clothes, washed my body and tried to come in to the onsen with trying to cover my body with my hand :D. I was so shy! At first, I thought I can’t do this, for sure.

But I was wrong!

Onsen in Kagetsu Hotel made me comfortable and I’m in love with onsen now (even I’m still shy). Kagetsu has general onsen / sentou (inside the building) and rotenburo (open air bath). The hot water is very clear, I can see stars at the night and see beautiful view in the morning.

For Japanese, onsen is something that can be relaxing, good for healthy and bonding relation. And I feel that is right, bathing in the onsen after work is very very capable for releasing fatigue.

Isawa Onsen is a place that has many good onsen, and Kagetsu hotel is one of them that offer you our best service.

Information :

Meiseki no Yado Kagetsu

Yamanashi Prefecture, Fuefuki City, Isawa, Kawanakajima 385

Telp : 055-262-4526

Website : www.isawa-kagetsu.com

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