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Curry Rice (Kare- Raisu) Tastes Like Home

As an Indonesian, I used to eat dishes rich in flavor and aroma of spices and herbs, compared to the healthy food that I always eat everyday in Japan. Japanese cuisine is also delicious, But the meaning of the word “rich taste” in Japanese cuisine is different from Indonesian cuisine (of course -_-, why should I write this sentence -_-").

So, this is begining when Miho-chan offered me to lunch together on my dayoff (even she was not in her dayoff, so kind right?? Yeah). She asked me what I wanted to eat, and I just said Kare-Raisu, cause I’ve never had Japanese curry rice before. So we went to GIOIAL (Japanese read: joiaru) in Isawa Onsen. Not so far from Isawa Onsen Station, around 10 minutes by car. They have another branch store near to Kofu Station.

I ordered chicken curry and calpis, Miho-chan ordered dry curry and cola . When our order was coming, I was suprised because the plate was so big (for me) plus there was one whole egg. I was not sure, I could eat it all. But first is our selfie photo.

I ate it, all of it. From the first moment I had a bite of a spoonful of the curry rice, i leaped to the joy because it tasted very good and similar to the taste of curry in Indonesia (but Indonesian curry is more diluted but rich in spices and herbs). I Love Kare-Raisu!

For you, who want to try Japan Curry Rice, especially in Isawa Onsen or Kofu just come to GIOIAL. They have many types of curry. Price? Normal, and you will satisfied with the tastes. Besides, if you order one curry, you will get 1 coupon when you pay your bill. Collect the coupon and you can change the coupons later. 3 coupon => salad or drink 5 coupon => GIOIAL Curry 8 coupon => free ticket for Itoyanagi Onsen

Information: GIOIAL Curry Salon Tel. Isawa branch: 055-269-5775

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