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Shosenkyo – Discover the Beauty of Nature in Kofu

I love to see nature, and in Japan for 5 months from now I can see nature in different appearance that i haven’t seen in Indonesia before. Because Indonesia is tropical country (that has only wet season and dry season), thus I never see momiji, snow and sakura before. ((I’m looking forward to see snow and sakura (^.^) )). From the first time I saw momiji in Japan, I can’t make my eyes stop admiring momiji. In Yamanashi, Shosenkyo is my favourite place to see momiji.

Shosenkyo is a path where you can see the flow of rushing rivers, along with the rocks,

Sturdy and beautiful gorge,

​Complete with the waterfalls and decorated momiji in autumn or azalea flower and sakura in spring.

I can not speak about this, just smile and feel relax

What a perfect place for you who love the nature (especially mount area) and want to see how Japanese appreciates or treats theirs nature.

Meotogi Himenomiya Jinja Shrine

Shosenkyo is a place that located in north part of Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture. If you go by public transportation, you can reach this place from Kofu Station and then take a bus from Kofu Station to Shosenkyo by bus. Better if you come in Tourist Information Centre in Kofu station, you will get a map and bus schedule. Believe me that’s very useful.

Hope you can come here and see the beautiful gorge in Japan.

Information :


Tel. 055-287-2158, 055-287-2555

Website : https://www.shosenkyo-kankoukyokai.com

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