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Oseibo – Year End Gift Manner

What do you think about new year?

Fireworks? Barbecue? Holiday? Buy a new calendar?

Recently i noticed there is something special related to new year in Japan. That is Oseibo. Oseibo is a gift that usually the Japanese give in the end of the year. On one hand, Oseibo is given to some people special such as family or friends too, but on the other hand, Oseibo is mostly given to business clients or companies or institutions that have relation with our business or workplace.

I noticed that Kagetsu Hotel (place where I do my internship now) received many Oseibo, from local restaurants, clients, manager’s friends, etc.

Most of Oseibo we received is food or snacks but we also received flowers too! This flower is a real orchid, not an imitation.

Of course, Kagetsu will send Oseibo to them too.

Hope they will like it.

Oseibo is given to express our gratitude and appreciation for people who have taken care about us in that year. For example, the superior in our workplace, colleagues, clients, even host family. Sometimes people who just married will give Oseibo to people who support them to prepare their marriage at the end of the year.

So, is there anyone whom you want to give Oseibo?

Information :

Meiseki no Yado Kagetsu

Yamanashi Prefecture, Fuefuki City, Isawa, Kawanakajima 385

Telp : 055-262-4526

Website : www.isawa-kagetsu.com

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