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Nagano : Black Crow Castle

Before I decided to go to Nagano, I have been heard from my Japanese friend that Nagano is colder than Yamanashi so I should prepare myself for this weather.

Even they said like that I couldn’t stop myself from excitement because the reason why I plan to go to Nagano this time is because I was really want to go to Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park which is one of my bucket list to exploring Japan.

This was my beginning of my journey to Nagano.

In the morning of 19th December I and my friend rent the car from a rental car shop in Yamanashi we thought that it’s a good idea to saving money but to go to Nagano we had to take an express way which is cost more than I expected.

We arrived at Matsumoto Castle around 1.30 PM, this castle or in another name for Thais we called ‘Black Crow Castle’ because the color of this castle is very black like that animal.

For me when I first saw this castle I think it’s very howling and grandeur. The interior of this building is all wood, it give us authentic feeling unlike another castle which built of concrete.

I could see ducks and gooses went around in the pond, these animal were very cute! I try to get close to one group of ducks but they escaped from me, How poor I am?

The time when I visited is Winter season so I couldn’t see Sakura tree which will be nicely bloom and blossom around Mid of April each year. I think it must be very beautiful.

If you want to enjoy more nice scenery of Matsumoto castle with Sakura tree you could visit around that time!

The admission fees for castle is 610 yen and working hours is 8.30-17.00

After we left from the castle it was very late so we decided to eat dinner.

This is our dinner today Ramen again but I loved it! I could relaxed eating a good ramen and talk with close friend, it was very good time for me.

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