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Hana no Miyako Kouen – Show The Great of Mount Fuji Troughout The Year

Hana no miyako kouen is a flower park located in the Yamanaka lake area. The park is quite famous for its scenic beauty of Mount Fuji in every flower season. Actually a bit strange to come to the flower garden in a season like this, is not it? What flowers can be seen in the flower garden in /on winter -_-. At first I thought like that until I see this pamphlet. Because of the pamphlet, we went to Hana no miyako kouen.

Diamond fuji is a phenomenon of the sun align with the peak of Mount Fuji when sunrise or sunset. Diamond Fuji can be seen in several places (check here to know another place) from October to February. At first we tried to see Fuji Diamond but we came too late and took pictures from the wrong position. So that was not quite fit and there were clouds around Mount Fuji, the conclusion is we are not so lucky. But we're still happy. Maybe we should try again later.

An hour after that the illumination lamp starts to light up.

We may enter without pay until 3rd January 2018.

We can still see the beauty of flowers here.

Apparently the park was quite wide and decorated with beautiful lamps.

They still open with this illumination until 3rd January 2018.You can come to Hana no Miyako Kouen by bus from Mt.Fuji Station or Kawaguchi lake using general route bus or Fujikko-go bus.http://bus-en.fujikyu.co.jp/


Hana no Miyako Kouen (Hana no Miyako Flower Park)

Tel : 0555-62-5587



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