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Nagano : Snow Monkey Park

When I was in my country I saw the picture of Monkeys were enjoying a hot onsen in the middle of mountain, This picture was very amazed me and I always determine that I must go to see this mysterious place by myself once in my life!!

So that is the reason why I decide to go to Nagano at this time

In the beginning of this day, I woke up early and drove the car to Jigokudani monkey Park.

The destination was beyond my eye.

Finally, I arrived at Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park (In Japanese, Jigokudani means 'Hell valley').

On the way to go there was full of snow, and it was so romantic scenery there.

I loved the snow and it was my really first time to see and touch snow, so lovely and soft!

It take around 30 minutes by walking to the place to observe the group of snow monkey.

Finally I can see the Snow monkey for the first time

They were so cute playing and going around this natural onsen just because they want to get warmer from hot onsen because the weather here it’s very cold and you could be frozen easily!

I were enjoying to observe them like that.

Some of the monkey were pick something up from the ground I couldn’t guess what is it and one of them was almost fighting.

I could noticed that the teenager monkey will pay respect to stronger monkey, it’s kind of interesting things for me and it’s similar to human society!

Please come and visit Jigokudani once in your life

Because for me it’s the most memorable day of my life!

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