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ICHIGO ZANMAI - Offers Strawberry Diversity and Naturalness

Strawberry can be enjoyed in any form, juice, smoothies, cake or just fresh strawberry. Buying strawberry at supermarket is easy but what if you try to pick it directly from the farm? By picking the srawberry directly, we can assure the freshness and quality of the product. And of course we can eat strawberry in best fresh condition.

ICHIGO ZANMAI is a strawberry farm, placed in Southern Alps (Minami Arupusu City) of Yamanashi Prefecture. This farm is very spacious.

They use bees for strawberry pollination. At first the strawberry’s flower is like this and after the bees do pollinate, the corolla will fall and the flower will become strawberry.

You can enjoy strawberry “all you can eat!” for 30 minutes. It can be eaten directly or dipped into condensed milk.

This is what makes ICHIGO ZANMAI different from other places, because it has 10 strawberry types. From left to right : 1. sakabonoka 2. mouikko 3. kaorino 4. akahoppe 5. san enjeru 6. akanette 7. akahime 8. oiciberii 9. asukarubii 10. yayoihime

Strawberry from all the type of strawberry.

You can come to pick strawberry from January until mid May.

Open from 9am till 4pm.

Entrance fee (2018) :

January : adult 1800 yen, child (3-5 years old) 1200 yen

February : adult 1700 yen, child (3-5 years old)1100 yen

March : adult 1600 yen, child (3-5 years old) 1000 yen

April : adult 1500 yen, child (3-5 years old) 900 yen

May (until 11th) : adult 800 yen, child (3-5 years old) 500 yen

Information :

Ichigo Zanmai

Tel : 0556-20-6033 , Instagram : @ichigozanmai


10 minutes from Minami Alps IC or 11 minutes from Higashi Hanawa Station (By car)

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