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My first time seeing snow in Yamanashi

On the beginning of this week is the first day of the winter season in Yamanashi that I have a chance seeing the snow was falling down from the sky.

Oh my its snow! Such a beautiful!

For Japanese people snowing might not always bring the happy and pleasant time like some foreigner because when the snow is falling it means that subway or train might not be operated during this weather and for car driver it’s a little dangerous and slippery road. As a Thai people who always live in country which climate is controlled by tropical monsoon and the weather is always summer for all year.

To see the snow in Yamanashi for the first time ever it’s very unforgettable memory of my life.

It looked quite magical seeing the little flake floating down.

It was really cold outside every step I took feels like I’m crunching the snow below my Sobi (Japanese kimono shoes).

Everything was covered in white flakes, it was so beautiful scenery.

I never thought that I’d ever see snow in Yamanashi since Diella told me that it’s not frequent for Yamanashi to have a lot of snow like this.

Unfortunately the snow didn’t last too long and in the other day, the snowfalls stopped and the white slowly melted away.

Anyhow, I took a photo while it was still snowing just for memory’s sakes

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