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Takeda Shrine (Takeda Jinja)

Takeda Shrine is located in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture. This shrine was dedicated to Takeda Shingen.

Takeda Shingen was Takeda clan leader who made Takeda Clan was very strong on Sengoku Period. He was the warlord of Kai Province which is Yamanashi Prefecture in the present day.

Takeda clan have small banner for their flags like this. It was a differentiator from enemy.

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Takeda Shrine’s chouzuya (place to wash hands and mouth before praying in shrine) was designed similar like the Takeda clan’s emblem.

Even fortune telling paper slips have Takeda clan’s emblem

This is Takeda Suikinkutsu. Normally, suikinkutsu will have one bamboo that buried nearby water source. Thus, through this bamboo we can hear sounds of water dripping. The sounds are beautiful and it’s very relaxing.

Along this way is planted with sakura’s trees. So it will be perfect time if you can come here at spring.

Information :

Takeda Shrine

Telp : 055-252-2609


10 minutes by bus from kofu station

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