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Yamanashi and the Gem – Houseki Teien

I'd never given my attention to gem or crystal before i came to Japan. But since i arrived in Kagetsu hotel (place where i do my internship now) i have seen so many kinds of crystal and stone in this ryokan. I thought simply, maybe the manager likes stone and it's right but not so simply.

This page shows that Kagetsu’s one of features is the stones, and here’s the translation.

“Inside the hall we have a majestic space with massive rocks, rare stones, famous stones gathered from all over the country. In addition, "Tsukiyama" built by stacking stones is also arranged in our garden, the quietness and peacefulness of the stone heal the heart and body fatigue. You can spend a pleasant time wandering elegantly around the luxurious garden“

When i went to Shosenkyo, i realized that so many gem shops there.

From one gem shop there, i know that in the past Yamanashi Prefecture had gem resources in large amounts. Yamanashi’s gem is one of popular gems in Japan.

Thus,maybe you will see so much gem shops in Yamanashi and many people in Yamanashi recommend gem or crystal as souvenir from Yamanashi.

For you who don’t know about Gem, maybe you should come to “Houseki Teien Shingen no Sato” (宝石庭園 信玄の里). It is one of gem shops in Yamanashi, Fuefuki city. But not only gem shop, they have jewelry garden!

This cave shows many things that related to gem, stone, crystal, even fossil. They have tour guide and will introduce you everything they have, very well.

If you think this is stone, so we are same. But it’s not. This is a fossil of tree from thousands years ago.

Can you see all the crystal in the ground?

This is the shop.

In this shop you can get mineral water. The real mineral and water.

What about feeding Japanese koi fish?

Nearby “Houseki Teien Shingen no Sato” the jewelry garden, you can try Yamanashi traditional food in “Hibiki no Sato”. If you think Yamanashi just have Houtou, you should come here and try Torimotsu. This is one of Yamanashi traditional taste.

While eat you can see Taiko show!

Information :

Houseki no Sato – Shingen no Sato (Gem Garden)

Opening Hours : 08:30 – 16:30

Hibiki no Sato (Restaurant)

Opening Hours : 10:00 – 14:30 (last order)

Tel: 055-263-6884

Yamanashi Ken, Fuefuki Shi, Isawa Chou, Kubonakajima 122-1

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