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Welcome party at Chinese restaurant!

To go out with friends sometimes it refreshing me!

everyone selfie!

This week I and Diella were heading to Hachioji station in Tokyo since we got invited from AISEC Keio university to have a welcome party lunch together!

In the early morning of that day I was very excited to go there and meet with them I took a local train bound for Hachioji station directly!

Finally I met with Takuma Sudo one of AISEC member who already standing in front of the station gate waiting for everyone to gathering up.

I have a little chat with it was very long long time that we didn't talk and meet just 15 minuts later everyone come and we are ready to join welcome party.

At this restaurant it's very beautiful chinese restaurant and we got a special seat in the private room look so gorgeous and very formal party.

everyone ordered beer even I and Diella also got a little glass of beer it's so cute that they are very warm welcoming us today so they were afraid that we are not used to drink alcohol.

The first dish came so soon and we were very hungry and looking forward to eat so the first dish was eaten so fast as it came!

The next one and next....

On this day it's very special and quality time and moment that we have spent together I can say that I could learn a lot of things from the CEOs of Chemitech company who is expert in creating the new innovation an have unique way of thinking he told us everything that he could give important stuff for life and our future career, to have such a chance talking like this it's really unforgettable memory

as well as our heart and our onaka (stomach) was so full hahaha

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