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Lake Yamanaka - Big but Majestically Calm

Everyone knows that Japan has Mount Fuji and we should see this prestigious World Heritage site at least once in our life. If you want to see Mount Fuji right in front of your eyes without any interruption, come to Lake Yamanaka.

Lake Yamanaka is the closest lake to Mount Fuji and the biggest lake in Fuji Five Lakes. Normally big place will be busy and well known place, but it is not happen to Lake Yamanaka. This place is so calm and you can see the lake extend in front your eyes.

There is nothing will disturb you to feel the beautifulness of nature here and summer is the perfect time to cycle rounding Lake Yamanaka.

Along the lakeside so many carp and duck and we can find their food easily.

But the one that can catch everyone feeling just as in fairy tales is The Beauty Swan.

Maybe that is why they have boat in the shape of swan “Swan Lake”. This boat will take you to see Mount Fuji from the lake.

Feels like in the exclusive boat.

You can take a ride from Asahigaoka Kouen and after that take a rest in Mori no Eki building, it is a souvenir shop with cafe, they have unique deep fried chicken like this. Black (as pretending Mt. Fuji lava) !

Actually they also have “KABA Amphibia Bus” this is a bus that can transform to be boat and take you to go around Asahigaoka park and Lake Yamanaka. You can take a ride from Mori no Eki building, check this link for further information,

After go around in Lake Yamanaka, make sure you make your trip perfect with Onsen (japanese hot spring). “Beni Fuji Yu” is one of well known onsen in Yamanakako. You can take your time, and relax with a bottle of milk after long soak in the onsen.

Information :

Lake Yamanaka (Asahigaoka)

Access by bus from Mt. Fuji Station or Tokyo Area, check this link.

Pleasure Boat

Ticket : Adult = 1000 Yen, Child = 500 yen per ride

Yamanashi-ken, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanakako-mura, Hirano 506


Website : http://www.fujikyu.co.jp/en/leisure/leisure16.html

Beni Fuji no Yu

Ticket : Adult = 800 yen, Student = 600 yen

Yamanashi-ken, Yamanakako-mura, Minamitsuru-gun Yamanaka 865-776

Tel : 0555-20-2700

Website https://www.yamanashi-kankou.jp/foreign/english/stay/p5_5056.html

Access by bus to Beni Fuji no Yu, check this link .

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