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Once in my life I want to be mermaid

Every woman have a dream when they were just a little girl, dream to be a beautiful princess.

And my dream is to be a mermaid princess!

When I was young I watched one of Disney princess movie same like normal girls, that movie called Little mermaid.

The love story of Little mermaid has fantasized me well, the true love that mermaid have to charming prince is always impressive in my heart. I appreciate and respect in her braveness to exchange her own voice with a chance to have legs like human because she just want to meet with charming prince again.

That is why a little mermaid is one of the best disney movie for me!

So on this day I and Diella had plan to go to Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise which is one of the best aquarium in Yokohama together.

The reason is I want to fulfill my dream when I was a little girl by going to aquarium and imagine that I'm a mermaid!

In the beginning of this day I and Diella gathered up at Ueno station and we heading to Yokohama hakkejima Aquarium directly.

To go there we had to take a Yokohama seaside train line which shown us the scenery of the sea so crystal clear and the contrast of the blue sky and deep navy blue of the sea is so beautiful.

Finally we arrived at the Hakkejima station, I noticed that even the interior design of the station remain concept of story about the sea, look at that pirate ship I felt like I’m already in the real ocean!

The aquarium open from 9 AM to 9.30 PM in every day and today is so lucky that the weather is all sunshine even it’s still cold.

I took that picture down below inside the Hakkejima sea paradise I love this scenery!

After we bought a ticket which cost us around 3,200 yen, we were ready to get inside!

This is the first sea animal I saw in this aquarium how cute they are!

They are chubby lovely seal.

This kind of fish is very terrifying me I can't stop watching this spot too long.

A group of cute penguins.

If you visit here please please try this snack I guarantee that is so yummy!

even now I don't know why my face was like that lol

At the end of that day I got this merry go round picture which is the last picture I took before we left from this aquarium.

I felt like the time of happiness is end so soon.

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