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Oshino Hakkai – Mirroring in the pond

Nowadays we know Fuji Five lakes were formed by Mount Fuji eruptions in the past. There are Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Yamanaka, Lake Sai, Lake Motosu, Lake Shouji. Oshino Hakkai used to be the 6th lake in hundreds years ago, but it dried out and left 8 springs that now we know as Oshino Hakkai.

This World Heritage has very clear water so you can mirror yourself in the pond.

Or see fish swimming in the sky

You can see the 7 ponds for free except one pond, it’s Sokonashi-ike (meaning “endlessly deep”) Pond. You should get in to Hannoki Bayashi Museum to see this pond.

Inside this museum you can see Japanese farm house in the past

Its just simple house from outside but inside you can go upstairs and see this view!

You should keep Sokonashi-ike pond as the last pond that you will see, it’s the best! So clear and it will refresh your mind.

Many people choose to come here in the summer because this place is so cold in the winter. But in winter, it has its own beauty.

Don’t worry about souvenir, they have a lot and i think that kind of key-holder or magnet here is cheaper than another place.

Information :

Oshino Village Office

Website : http://www.vill.oshino.yamanashi.jp/8lake.html

Tel. 0555-84-3111

Hannoki Bayashi Museum

Adult 300 Yen

Website : http://hannoki.com/museum.html

Access by bus check this link. (Fujikko-go or Mount Fuji World Heritage Loop Bus)

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