• Our Yamanashi

The most beautiful snow ski resort with Fuji mountain – Fujiten

Have you ever imagines yourself Skiing in such a beautiful background of Fuji-san (Mt.Fuji)?

I want to bring you to this hidden and miracle place that I have once visited by myself.

Due to my internship program I got invited from Fuji Kankou Kaihatsu company who corporate this beautiful snow ski resort and they would like me and Diella to sightseeing there!

Such an incredible opportunity for me, so I was very excited about going there and had start to count day by day before we went there.

On that pleasant day I and Diella were picking up from Fuji zakura inn by Mr.Fukushima another staff who always taking care of us through this experience.

He took us by his own car, on the way to go there he was driving a little bit fast but it’s so excited as well.

And amazingly the song of mountain Fuji came up suddenly when we were driving, we were very curious about that at first I thought it’s the sound of some animal lol

But Mr. Fukushima explained that melody came from the melody road as the car drove past it was singing by itself, it was kind of wonderful for us!

Finally we arrived at the Fujiten Snow Ski resort, the sky turned back it was hazy and cool so it made me feel like it might be hardly to see Fuji-san today.

But the bad weather never get in the way of a good time playing sled in snow area.

So we were so ready wearing outwear to protecting our self from snow.

This is how we look like?

At first I was so exciting so we ran to the starting point finally we could slide down by our yellow sled,

Let’s go!

it was so enjoyable I know how fun is it now!

This is Diella look at her! She seem very enjoy playing sled as same as me hahaha even the weather was freezing cold but we weren’t afraid to play as much as we can!

For tropical country people likes Thai and Indonesian it might be the first time to experience seeing and touching snow.

This is the manager of Chibikko island (Sled area) the place that we were now he suggested that it might be more fun if we tried riding on scooter, so we decided to try scooter.

From that starting point it looked so scary and I was really afraid of accident if I was not be careful enough, the staff suggest that I should use my feet as a break to stop if I consider that the speed is too fast for me.

So let me tried to scoot once in my life!

This is how it look like hahaha