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Fujisan World Heritage Center – Let Yourself See Mount Fuji That Is Not Just A Mount

Everyone who come to Japan especially Yamanashi Prefecture will not miss the trip to see Mount Fuji. Everyone will take many pictures or videos to make a proof that they have seen Mount Fuji up close. Mount Fuji is the best mountain in Japan but it’s not just because its size, but also because its uniqueness, history and relation with Japanese. Want to know more? Come to Fujisan World Heritage Center!

Fujisan World Heritage Center has 2 Halls, there are North Hall and South Hall. In north Hall, there are souvenir shop and introduction video in several languages such as English (of course), Korean, Thailand, even Indonesian (it’s so rare to find Indonesian Language in sightseeing place!) .

South Hall is the main Hall in the Fujisan World Heritage Center. First, in second floor they have replica of Mt. Fuji and it was made from Washi (Japanese Paper). It has so many lighting lamps that give colour on the Mt. Fuji replica. Through this replica, you can see the shape of Mt. Fuji from all sides, (I just notice that you will see Mt. Fuji in different shape depend on where you stand).

In this floor you can see a 8 minutes duration video that introduces about relation between Mt. Fuji and human and its culture in Yamanashi Preferecture. (did you notice the Mt. Fuji’s shape in this picture is different with the one before? )

If we can see the replica of Mt. Fuji on second floor, you should notice that the first floor is actually a map!

Instal this software before you come here “Fujimeguri”. Through this software you can know everything about the photos or pictures in this building. It has Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Thailand and Indonesian!

Take a look into the floor, find the barcode and scan through the map guide on the “Fujimeguri” so you can see the photos and some information about the place.

And if you see stick like this, scan through the AR Scope on the “Fujimeguri” so you can see the animation about that character introduce her/himself.

Never climb up Mt. Fuji so you want to know how the track is? Come to this corner, they have 5 minutes video that show the track to climb up Mt. Fuji.

For our family who has special need, can get to know Mt. Fuji location and the other surrounding places through this map by touching braille.

Do you want to leave your sign??? Come to this spot

Do you know? Mt. Fuji doesn’t has river on its surface but it has so many pure water inside and the quality is very good. That’s why water from Mt.Fuji area is so popular. This “Fujizakura” water will let you to feel how fresh the water from Mt. Fuji is.

When I came there, they had an event and i could saw this Odori (Japanese traditional dance).

Check the ticket fare and closed day in this photo.


Fujisan World Heritage Center

Website : http://www.fujisan-whc.jp/en/index.html

Access by bus check this link. You can use Retro bus World Culture Heritage Site “Blue line” just takes 5 minutes from Kawaguchiko Station

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