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Sylvans Restaurant – You’re in Japan, Drink as a German and Eat as an Italian

Sylvans Restaurant located in Kawaguchiko Town which means it can be a perfect place to eat after driving around Lake Kawaguchi. It is a perfect place for you who belong to these types of people :

1. Eat a Lot

Why I recommend this restaurant for the people who eat a lot? Because they have buffet package. You can eat as much as you want from this buffet.

Salad, sweets, soup, and make your own main course. (actually I can not eat a lot so I just ate a little, but...) There is no one who could said no to Ice Cream! You can take it as much as you want!

2. Don’t Want to See Bustle and Hustle

Look at this interior, standing out and take your attention from your daily activities.

Cozy, doesn’t let you to see bustle and hustle like in the city. Just sit and take a look out of the window and smile.

Sylvans Restaurant also has a place for kids to play or watch tv so they will not get bored.

Just only that? NO, Sylvans Restaurant challenge you who...

3. Loves Italian Food

Pasta, Pizza, Steak Hamburger, Bread, this restaurant has all of it. You can choose to get Buffet Package, Lunch Menu Package, or order your favorite foods one by one from the menu.

Of course you can taste some specialities from Yamanashi, Japan. For example this Mount Fuji Omelette Rice with Hash Sauce and Fried Yamame (salmon) with herbs. Don’t worry about the menu, actually they have the menus in English Version.

4. Wanna Try Beer that Won World Class Award

Look at all this awards! Amazing!

Here is Fujizakura beer! This beer made in Yamanashi, using fresh water from Mt. Fuji and brewed by German styles.

The machines to make the beers

Have you ever come to Roppongi in Tokyo? There is Fujizakura beer branch store there.

All that is want to say is come here because this restaurant is worth it!

Don't forget to check the opening hours before you come from their website.

Information :

Sylvans Restaurant

Yamanashi Prefecture, Minamitsurugun, Fuji Kawaguchikomachi, Funatsu Azakenmarubi 6663−1

Telp : 0555-83-22

Website : https://www.sylvans.jp/en/

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