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Daigahara – Traditional and Source of Yamanashi Tasty Things

Japan has so many things that you should try. Who doesn’t know that Japanese has sake (alcoholic beverage from rice fermentation). If you come to Yamanashi Prefecture, Shingen Mochi is a must. However, in this article i want to share my opinion about “Kinseiken” (Japanese Sweets) and “Shichiken” (Sake), which are popular brands in Japan from Yamanashi. Both have their main store in Daigahara, Yamanashi Prefecture.

Indeed, these products are well known in Japan but if you think the main store is a BIG building with modern exterior, you should come and look at it, it’s so traditional. They keep the value of japanese culture.

This is Shichiken, a popular sake brewery in Japan. Inside this store, you can see all their product.

It’s okay even you don’t know anything about sake (like me), because they will recommend you and let you try the sake that you want .

At that time i asked the light sake because i didn’t get used to drink alcohol. They let me try some sake, but i like amazake (sweet sake) and sparkling sake (carbonated sake). Both, were not so bitter. Sweet sake tasted so thick but spakling sake was diluted and had bubbliness.

These are the rice types that they use to make the sake.

Across this Shichiken building you can see Kinseiken. This is the oldest Shingen Mochi brand from Yamanashi.

You can taste some of their product here. Kinseiken has so many Japanese sweets product such as Dorayaki, Manju, etc.

Their featured product is Gokujou Nama Shingen Mochi. It’s the softest Shingen Mochi that I've ever eaten!

I recommend these 2 products that you must try from Yamanashi! Kinseiken (Japanese Sweets) and Shichiken (Japanese Sake).



Yamanashi-ken, Hokuto-shi, Hakushuu-chou, Daigahara 2283

Tel 0551-35-2236

Website: https://www.sake-shichiken.co.jp/ (Japanese)


Yamanashi-ken, Hokuto-shi, Hakushuu-chou, Daigahara 2283

Tel 0551-35-3020

Website: http://kinseiken.co.jp/ (Japanese)

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