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Season to enjoy plum flower (Ume no hana) in Yamanashi

There is the season that start from the beginning of March until the middle that the beautiful of plum flower will be blossom cheerfully in Yamanashi.

Do you want to take a break from tiring work and go to see plum flower together?

Let’s go!

Originally, the Japanese plum was introduced from China and this kind of tree has play important role in Japanese culture for long time. Its popularity finally surpassed by cherry blossom.

The plum (or in Japanese they called it 'Ume') is related with the start of the spring in japan because plum blossom are some of the flower blossom to open during the year.

Before the Nara period (10-794 AD), hanami (flower-viewing) referred to plum blossoms, not cherry blossoms, and they still haven’t been forgotten to this day, they even have the event which celebrated with plum festival (ume matsuri) in public parks, shrine and temple across Japan.

Plum flower have five petals and range in color from white to dark pink, plum blossom have a strong and sweet fragrance.

We can eat ume in so many way some people eat umeboshi, a sour, pickled plum, which is usually enjoyed with cooked rice, umeboshi is one of the most typical Japanese flavors. Umeshu, a sweet alcoholic beverage is the drink I like the most for having fun with friend, it’s also popular among girl.

So today I and Diella have a plan to go seeing plum tree blossom together in Furoen which is the good spot that can see a lot of plum tree.

Suzuki san is a very kind and generous staff from Kagetsu, she want to take us to see Plum tree blossom together by her car, how kind is she!

before we go to Furoen park we stopped by Family restaurant that I totally forgot the name to have brunch (around 10 AM), it was yummy :)

Finally we arrived at the Furoen park.

Actually, today is very sunshine day good day for me to see plum tree, at the main entrance we bought a ticket and it costs around 400 yen, the ticket price is affordable and it worth to visit!

just as I was entering the gate I can smell sweet fragrance of Ume which made me feel so refreshing and cheerful, it clam my heart and I just realize that this moment is very sweet moment for me in Japan!

Seeing beautiful ume is very appreciative for me.

She look so cute and kind in this picture with the scenery of Ume blossom :)

We also found a little shrine in this park as well, and the god we protect this park is Ume god (Ume Tenjin), very respectful.

Enjoying took a picture with Ume blossom.

I tried so hard to get a lovely picture with Ume blossom, can't say anything with this! hahaha ><

They have so many way to enjoy abundant of Ume blossom and one way is drinking ume tea and talking with friend here!

This is Ume tea, the tea is kind of pink it taste like Umeboshi which is a little sour and salty which is the taste that I love

You should try once you visited this Furoen park!

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