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Shosenkyo – Discover The Beauty of Nature in Kofu (Spring)

Shosenkyo is one of Chichibu Tama Kai National Park that has beautiful gorges. There is a path from Shosenkyo kuchi (Shosenkyo Entrance) to Senga Taki Ue (Senga Waterfall). Along this path you can feel forest’s aura from the trees, valley, gorges, Senga Waterfall and Arakawa river.

I have been to Shosenkyo before, on fall season last year (check this link). It was very beautiful and now in the spring season i’m wondering, what kind of nature will be shown there. So i went there yesterday and fell in love again with this place.

To reach this place, you can catch a bus from terminal bus track number 4 in Kofu Station (aproximately 30 minutes). There are 3 ways to enjoy this place:

  1. First, get off the bus on Shosenkyo Entrance and walk uphill (aproximately 2 hours) until the top of Shosenkyo (Senga Taki ue – Senga Waterfall) and go back to Kofu Station by bus.

  2. Second, go by bus until the top of Shosenkyo (Senga Taki Ue – Senga Waterfall) and walk downhill (approximately 1,5 hours) until Shosenkyo Entrance and go back to Kofu Station by bus.

  3. Or you can go by bus until Shosenkyo Entrance walk uphill and walk downhill if you want :).

Normally, the bus can go until the top of Shosenkyo route (Senga Taki ue - Senga Waterfall), but in winter (until the end of March) it will be dangerous for bus to track the route because it is uphill road. Thus, for the sake of safety, the bus operation runs just only until Shosenkyo entrance (Shosenkyo kuchi) and they provide minivan to go until Green line stop (in the middle of Shosenkyo Entrance and Senga Taki Ue) or Senga Taki Ue stop.

I went by the minivan until Senga Taki Ue stops and i thought i still have time to spend so i chose to go to Arakawa Dam instead of go straight to walk downhill Shosenkyo. It was not so far, just 25 minutes by walk. When i arrived there, i felt like i want to plunge into the dam. It was big and quiet, perfect place for you who need quiet outdoor place.

Based on this sign, the water from this dam will be drinking water for Yamanashi Prefecture people. Thus we have to keep it clean.

After took a bit rest, i walked down to Shosenkyo and greeted this marvelous Senga Waterfall.

Now Shosenkyo has a different face than in fall season. The leaves was foliage red in fall season, now they are in green colour.

Even i still find the left over leaves from the fall season.

They have some beautiful flower here. This rengyou (golden bell) flower’s colour blending with green colour from the bamboos.

The tsutsuji (azalea) flower also show its beauty by its violet colour.

And of course the flower that everyone awaits for its blossom, Sakura

In Shosenkyo there has some rock and they named it. First time i came here, i couldn’t imaginate that rock shape. But, yesterday i could see one. This is Kuma Ishi (bear rock). Can you see what i see?

Yamanashi and its wealth of nature waiting for you.

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