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Enzan Onsen – Nakamuraya Ryokan

Have you ever heard Enzan? It’s a town in Yamanashi Prefecture, if you go to Tokyo from Yamanashi by train, you will pass Enzan Station. In Enzan, it has some good place. For example, Kanzouyashiki, Erinji Temple, Jiunji temple, Kandaten Jinja, etc.

It’s Kanzouyashiki, the former Takano family residence was utilized as private residence in the late Edo period. Now this building is as a historical park.

As the home of active volcano Mount Fuji, Yamanashi has a lot of onsen (hot spring) scattered in all area. One of them is in Enzan. There is an area nearby station is called Enzan Onsen. Very close from station, only 10 minutes by walk. Don’t you think its a good idea to take an onsen after sightseeing? Definitely, yes!

If you walk in Enzan Onsen area, there are many ryokan (Japanese traditional inn). Normally, there are some ryokan where you can ask for onsen only. Nakamuraya Ryokan is one of the onsen ryokan.

This ryokan was built 150 years ago, and you can feel traditional Japanese inn atmosphere here. With only 500 yen, I could get onsen room like this. It’s so rare to get private onsen with 500 yen!

The facilities are the same as other onsen, there are shampoo, soap, hair dryer, and some towels. But you can relax and unwind here.

After taking a bath, they gave a special service. It’s a kyoho grapes. Very fresh and sweet!

I strongly recommend that you stop by here when you visit Enzan!

Information :

Nakamuraya Ryokan

〒404-0042 Yamanashi-ken, Koshu-shi, Enzan Kamiozo 1225

Tel: 0553-33-2078

Access: 10 minutes walking from Enzan station

Website: http://www.nakamuraya-enzan.com/

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