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Linear - the fastest maglev train in the world

In Japanese society transportation system take a very important role in daily life. From house to working place or school for Japanese people is one of the main activity which is happen in everyday morning and the important vehicle that all Japanese use the most is train, that is the reason why Japanese had created various innovative which is related about train.

For foriegner might have known about Shinkansen the pre-existing fastest train but at this moment Japanese has invented the new shinkansen which is the fastest train in the world.

The Linear Chuo Shinkansen will be the fastest bullet train in the world with a speed approximately twice that of current shinkansen at 500 km/h connecting Yamanashi and Tokyo in approximately 25 minutes and Tokyo and Osaka in a mere one hour.

In this sightseeing trip I decied to go visiting Maglev exhibition center which located in Yamanashi prefecture since I heard a good reputation about this train in term of fastness.

In the exhibition everyone can take a picture with Linear train figure as big as the actual size and in the exhibition they present the history of the Magev's development.

They have asked interesting question to us such as Why can the superconducting Maglev levitate? Why can it move forward if it's floating in the air? and they give us a clue to find out by discover through this exhibition.

Why can the rolling stock float in the air? Why can it move forward? An electric current and magnetic fields are the key to answering these questions - the former refers to the flow of electricity , and the latter are areas where the magnetic force works. What we see at the center of this device is a cable-wound coil. When an electric current runs through the coil, magnetic fields are not visible to the human eye, but on this device, we can observe it through the movements of the wired. If you turn the handle quickly, the electric current going through the coil increase, intensifying the magnetic force.

In my opinion from this innovation Japanese government would like to create the new metropolitan area which the railway has constructed pass, they hope that new shinkansen would bring more opportunity to countryside prefecture all the way long from Tokyo to Osaka which take just only 40 minutes commute faster than take the airplane!!

Touring in this Linear exhibition brought me a lot of knowledge to understanding Japanese life and it made me realize that the train is one of the important factor of Japanese society.

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