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Itchiku Kubota Art museum - The man who made the most beautiful Kimono in Japan.

Kimono is traditional costume originally designated in Japan and have reputation from their delicate design, as we can say that The kimono is a simple visual shorthand that says 'Japan' as strongly as do sushi or anime.

But the actual kimono is complicated thing, it has a strict rule for wearing, storing and cleaning. as well as their long history back a thousand year of this costume. The Kimono is anything but simple.

Kimono, this word means simply 'a thing to wear' and the variety styles of woman's kimono is wide and can be specific to a particular social status. we can tell a woman's social status and even martial status by the cut of her kimono.

Thus, a Kimono can be maintained for many years, even down through generations. even Japan become increasingly modern and international in its taste, the Kimono remains an ingenious invention of the Japanese creative mind, beautiful and practical at the same time.

In Itchiku Kubota Art Museum was built by Mr. Itchiku Kobota, a dyeing artist with two main theme of 'The trinity of humans, nature and art' and 'The center of new culture and art' to exhibit his work in a perfect location with a perfect location with a majestic view of Mt. Fuji and the scene Lake Kawaguchi. The museum contains the main gallery, a garden, a new exhibit for 'Tombodama (Glass beads with patterns and colors) and trails around the museum for visitors to enjoy the seasonal sceneries.

Itchiku devoted his life to revive and modernize 'Tsujigahana dyeing' a textile dyeing and decorating technique bused in the Muromachi era (14-15th century). It was after he turned forty that he started to study his technique in earnest, and it took him almost twenty years of perseverance to complete a work that satisfied him. Itchiku published his work as his original dyeing technique 'Itchuku Tsujigahana'. His first solo exhibition was held in 1977, and since then his art has been highly evaluated both nationally and internationally. He died on April 26th, 2003, at the age of 85.

Itchiku is the man who made the most beautiful Kimono in Japan, every step he made Kimono is very in detailed in every of his Kimono took 1 year, His main concept is nature, flower, sunset and Fuji, in my opionion it seem like his life is an art after he passed away next generation still following his way of making Kimono.