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Kikyouya Shingen Mochi Factory

There are so many kinds of mochi (Japanese Rice Cake) in Japan. Such as Sakura Mochi (has a “sakura” pink hue and wrapped with sakura’s leaf), Kusa Mochi (green mochi which flavored with Yomogi herb)or Zouni (soup with a mochi inside), etc. Shingen mochi is a well known mochi from Yamanashi. It is coated in kinako (soybean) flour and eat together with black honey.

Kikyouya is one of recommended shingen mochi factories in Yamanashi. This brand got some gold awards from Monde Selection. There are 2 factories of Kikyouya Shingen Mochi. One of them is in Yamanashi city and the other is in Ichinomiya city. The one in Ichinomiya city is not a factory only but also a kind of theme park where visitor can join a tour to see the process of making shingen mochi. The tour is available 7 times in a day.

By joining the group tour, the guide will lead you to see the situation inside the factory from second floor. The workers work quickly and hygienically. To wrap the mochi, they need just only 6 seconds! Normally they produce 12,000 shingen mochi everyday and distribute it to all the areas in Japan.

After taking a look at how the workers make shingen mochi, you can see the beautiful craft of Japanese confections (wagashi) in a shape of some flower that represent 4 seasons in Japan.

All of these are very detailed, looks real and EDIBLE.

In the end of this tour, you can join a workshop to wrap shingen mochi. Maybe it will not as easy as it seems. This workshop place is in the same building with “Theme Park Cafe” (selling shingen mochi ice cream) and a souvenir shop of Kikyouya product. Not only mochi, there are kikyouya shingen mochi taste candies, biscuits, dorayaki, roll cakes, etc.

Point plus that you get if you come to factory is the outlet store. This building located in the opposite side of the souvenir shop. In the outlet store, they are selling some kikyouya products that have an uneven shape than the other or its expiration date coming soon. The quality of this product is still okay, safe to consume and you can get it in half price or even cheaper.

One more interesting activity is “tsume houdai” which means pack as much as you can! To join this activity, you have to pay just only around 300 yen. And you will receive a small plactic bag, then pack shingen mochi as much as you can! Make sure you come in the morning so you can take a place in the line because so many people will stand in the line since 7 am or faster.

So many enjoyable things in Kikyouya Shingen Mochi Factory. If you are hungry, there is a restaurant called “Suikin Chado” in this factory that served Bibimbap (korean food). Unique and delicious! There is salad and miso soup that you can eat as much as you need and the chopstick rest that you can bring back home.


Kikyouya Shingen Mochi Factory Theme Park

Access: 10 minutes by car/taxi from Isawa Onsen Station

Address: 1928 Tsuboi, Ichinomiya-machi, Fuefuki-shi, Yamanashi-ken

Telp: 0553-47-3700

Web: www.kikyouya.co.jp