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Day trip to Kofu station

Kofu is the capital city of Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan,surrounded by Japan Southern Alps and Oku-chichibu mountain ranges.With the advantage of beautiful natural landscape and the history of Takeda family,Kofu has been developed not only as the economic center in Yamanashi Prefecture,but also a city with profound cultural background.

If you lived in a city in Yamanashi Prefecture, Kofu city will always be you best choice to go especially when you want to go shopping.

Today, we will go to explore Kofu station.

I live near isawa onsen station, so I usually take JR chuo honsen and get off the train after 2 stops and arrive in Kofu station.

After passed through the auto gates ,you can see the direction board.if you want to go shopping and eating , you can go to south exit,there has an shopping mall named CELEO.when you walk to the outsides place in south exit ,you can see some cafes,convenience stores and restaurants.

Walk down the lift and go to the way in your right hand, you can see the statue of lord Shingen Takeda.

When you look behind, you can see the bus station,and go to Yamanashi Perfectural Museum of Art.Fortunately,There has an art exhibition of Millet,one of the famous painter in France and they will have some special exhibition of different theme in different period.

If you go to North exit,you can visit lots of sighting spots.I decided to go to Takeda-Jinja Shrine by bus.

I really enjoyed visiting this shrine by myself, there has only few visitors because of the hot weather.It really is a place carrying the footsteps of sengoku period in ancient Japan and you can feel cool and refreshing in this hot summer When walking in the shrine.

In general, Kofu station is a place that integrate modern and traditional style.You can immerse yourself in the history of sengoku period here, after that, you can also have a drink in the modern shopping mall.

Just enjoy here!

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closing time/9 am~5 pm(admission time is before4:30 pm)

closing day/Monday