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The Biggest Hanabi of the year in Yamanashi

What is Hanabi?

Have you guys ever heard about Hanabi? So, hanabi is basically means fireworks. Many cultures use fireworks to celebrate a holiday or culturally use them as a traditional event.

In Japan, fireworks originally used to ward off evil spirits. They believed that the fireworks sound made evil spirits afraid.

As time goes by, people in Japan held this event to celebrate summer. Usually they will go with his/her lover, so don't be shock if you see so many couples wearing Yukata exist in Hanabi event. HAHA

But you can go with your family and friends to spends your summertime with happines and full stomach because you will find a lot of food stands, especially yakisoba (fried noodle) and takoyaki.

The Day is Coming

August 21th was the day of the biggest Hanabi in Yamanashi.

People from around Japan came to Isawa Onsen to enjoy the crowd in Isawa-Onsen Hanabi Taikai, there were even foreigner came to see this Hanabi event.

So this is how beautiful fireworks in Isawa Onsen, Yamanashi.

spend your summertime seeing the most beautiful colorfull night

Start from 19.30 to 21.00

There was some parts of Hanabi.

They will play the music along the Hanabi. One song one show.

Most of the time they plays romantic songs.

this was the most amazing fireworks closing.


How was it? So beautiful, isn't it? Can you imagine there was so crowded and I can't even walk but it was a very exciting experience.

It's not about the fireworks because we can find it anywhere but it's about the culture and the memories.

I really enjoyed the Hanabi Taikai.

I hope you guys will come to Yamanashi and feel the crowd!

Oh, don't forget to get your Grape juice to complete your happines in Isawa Onsen, it is very fresh and the most iconic fruit in town!

See you guys next summer, I'm looking forward to your coming to Yamanashi !

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