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Yamanashi is the leading producer of peach and grapes in Japan that yields an edible, sweet and juicy fruit.. The production of peaches and grapes has an economic benefit to the top producing countries where the fruit is a source of food. Other benefits include nutritional value since peaches and grapes are rich in vitamins responsible for healthy vision, nervous system, and skin care.

I recently just visit to an italian dessert cafe in Yamanashi, 桃の家カフェ ラ・ぺスカ (Momo no ie cafe la pesca). This cafe serves peach and grape dessert, ice cream, and yogurt which is really fresh and delicious. This cafe also grow their own peach.

Momo/Peach Parfait

Peach dessert

This cafe open from 10.00 to 17.00 every day. But don't be shock when you visit you will see the lines and waiting list even if just opened. The customer have to write down their name and waiting for their turn to taste their favorite dessert.


grapes on an grapes ice cream served with crusty pie

This is the bombest menu I've ever ordered. Fresh yamanashi grape fruit and grape ice cream with sweet cream brullee on a pie crust.

You cannot believe how is it tastes until you try by yourself, such a heaven of dessert!!


So this is the last dessert today, I cannot stop to eat this creamy and juicy dessert.

Let me introduce you guys Grapes Parfait!

The best combination of grapes and creamy ingridients.

Hope you guys enjoy my article, I know you are drooling :D

Come to Yamanashi and treat yourself a good sweets.


Address : 正徳寺1131-1Yamanashi, 山梨県 〒405-0032Japan

Telp. : +81 553 34 5359

website : www2.momo-net.co.jp

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