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Mt.Atago Kodomo no kuni—Not only a paradise for children in Yamanashi

There has a wonderful place to enjoy the nature of Japan but only few visitor know in Kofu city, Yamanashi prefecture,That is Mt.Atago kodomo no kuni(愛宕山こどもの国).

Located on the top of the Mt.Atago in Yamanashi,surrounded by lush green plantings,with some amusement facilities for children,and there has a huge prospect platform where you can overlook the whole of kofu city.

It's really a good place not only for the family with children but also the people who want to find a place to concentrate and have a deep thought.

By the way, it’s also a place that can see the Mt.Fuji and other sublime mountain range of Japan.

Isn’ t is so attractive ?

At first, I just wanted to go to the Science Museum of Yamanashi, so I took the bus on kofu station,but when I was on the way to science museum, I found that the scenery is really beautiful, and the science museum is located on the top of the mountain.see the greenery came into sight when on the bus.

After arrived, I found that there has a facility that you can climb up to see the details of the tree and also can have a look on the full view of the building of science museum.

There also has a platform for overlooking the full view of kofu city ,you can see Mt.Fuji when the weather is not cloudy.obviously,I’m not lucky enough .

Pass through a bridge with maple leaves on both sides, you will arrive at the paradise of children.

Maze,seesaw,swing..and so on.

i reallllly love love love swing since i was a child~!!

Keep going ahead,Ther stuuning greenery will meet the eyes.If it’s okay for your physical strength, you can try to go down the mountain by walking, it cost about 1 hour.And of course you will have the chance to enjoy the greenery and fresh air.

After going down the mountain, I walked around to look for bus station.When I was on my way, I saw the painting on the wall and it’s really cute.

And the peaceful scene of Japanese people.

Finally,I almost took the wrong bus..(fuji kyuu transportation company)But luckily the bus driver of yamanashi transportation company who took me to the science museum recognized me when i was waiting for the bus under the wrong bus stop sign and he stoped the bus and asked me where I would go and guided me to the right bus stop.

It is not my first time to lost in Japan when taking bus, But everytime i met Janpanese and they helped me so friendly.I was moved and grateful.I definitely will miss Japan after back to my country.


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