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Art museum of shadow painting -Fairy tale world of Fujishiro Seiji

  What is shadow painting in japan?

  Firstly, Let’s have a look on some of them.

Can you figure out what’s the difference between it and ordinary painting?

Actually, shadow painting is a cutting art that when you seeing the works, you will think it is a painting, but when you looking closely you will figure out that the picture is three dimensional and glowing. hand-cut, muti-colored papers and see-through plastic materials, meticulously and painstakingly combined to create a beautiful shadow painting.

Seiji fujishiro (藤城 清治) is a famous kiri-e artist in japan. He has been making the kage-e or paper-cut pictures since the1940s and rocked the japan information and culture center galleries with a groovy exhibition of high-caliber kitsch.

  Luckily,There has an exhibition of his works in kagee no mori art museum which is located in kofu city recently,

  I can not wait to share with you, let’s enjoy the beauty of his wonderful kage-e works.

  It’s my first time to see kagee(shadow painting) and I was really surprised how beautiful it is. Seiji fujishiro expressed his enthusiasm towards the nature and world through these beautiful shadow painting and I was really touched by it.

  Let’s hold a positive attitude towards life and believe the life is as beautiful as the shadow painting of seiji fujishiro.

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𓀃Address:1035-2,takanaricho,kofu city


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