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Do you want to get to know more about the history of Yamanashi prefecture while enjoying the tasty local foods ?

Come to yamanashi traditional industry center(山梨県地場産業センター) –kaiterasu(かいてらす) in kofu city !

Kaiterasu is a place selling traditional foods and delicious wine and handicraft article with the center of shine「光」、store「蔵」、flavor「味」、craft「匠」.

There has an event there days from 22th octorber to 24th octorber. In this event, they selling lots of traditional snacks and handicrafts which attracted plenty of visitors to come.

Lets have a look at the scene.

The booth selling foods on the square


The booth selling drink

One of the traditional noodle in Fuji yoshida--Yoshida udong(吉田うどん)

At the scene of the event

The poster of the event

Traditional tile with ghost face

people here praying for the stability of the building by using this tile

The traditional crap flag for warrior

The hand crafted seal

The artist of hand crafted seal is teaching children

Doing tilting doll painting

The famous artist of making ink-stone

bill board of the event

The board with the history introduction of kofu city

Traditional local items are on sale(fruits jams,fruits honey,tea etc.)

Countless traditional items were displayed in this event

I got to know more about the traditional arts and crafts of kofu city

If you want to buy something traditional as present, you can come to kaiterasu!

If you have no idea what you should bring to your family as present,please come to kaiterasu, I'm sure that you will find the right item here!


URL: http://www.kaiterasu.jp/

TEL: 055(237)1641

ADDRESS: 3-13-25 tokoji, kofu city, yamanashi prefecture

HOW TO GO: take the bus on line 2 bus station of north exit in kofu station

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