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Located in the northwest of Yamanashi prefecture,Hokuto city is famous for its beautiful nature including forest,plateau,pasture and so on.

The plateau terrain makes it suitable for developing cattle breeding.So you can see lots of milk cow,sheep,horse when you are walking on the way in hokuto city.They are really cute!!

Today I took JR koumi line(小海线) to kiyosato station(清里駅).

This line is on the plateau which make it become the highest route in JR system.The top 9 stations with the highest altitude in JR are all included in this route which make this place become summer resort!

  So be careful to bring more clothes when enjoy kiyosato.

  Let’s have a look at what I‘ve seen in kiyosato~

The train passed through open country

The highest route in JR system

From the reflection of the window,I thought i was in an European town

They decorate the pillar with crystal stone

Welcome to 'Europe'~

If you have any questions, the staff of information center will help you ^^

A stylish cafe shop

The traffic signals here is very cute^^

At first, Let's go to MOEGINOMURA(萌木の村).

It's a forest theme park designed by Italian.

Seeing pumkin everywhere because of the Halloween

dreamlike merry-go-round in front of a cafe shop^^

Lunch time~~yummy^ ^

Cheese+European sausage+Curry+Rice

I know nothing about metal art

I only know it's beautiful and magical

My favorite place--makiba park

Feel free to play with these cute animals

Most of them refuse to communicate with me though T^T

Sun goes down and the light of the merry-go-round turned on

Today's journey came to an end!

It’s really really beautiful that i feel like it’s a place born with nature,the air, sky, water,forest,animals and humanbeings have close symbiotic relationship which make it unforgettable to visitors.

I really had fun and i will never forget this journey ^^

I hope you can come to yamanashi and enjoy it!



ADDRESS:8240-1 nishiide,oizumi cho,hokuto city,Yamanashi prefecture


OPEN TIME:9:00-17:00

OPEN DATE: 4th April - 11th November



ADDRESS:3545 kiyosato.takanecho,hokuto city,Yamanashi prefecture


OPEN TIME:10:00-17:00

OPEN DATE: whole year


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