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When does autumn start?

When the leaves turn red, the crisp, cold nights, and clear blue sky makes your day brighter. Autumn also known as fall in North American English.

I'm so lucky because this is my first time ever feel this season. The autumn road to the Fuji area was really beautiful. What a wonderful place I've ever visit.

Autumn leaves are falling down and the sun took a step back.

Yamanashi Fruit Park is the best destination to visit during summer and fall. A place full of happiness, we can playing water splash during summer, outdoor games, eating grapes, parfait, ice cream, take a walk and many more. Also you can eat Apple during Autumn-Winter.

A very good fresh air for short-escape from work life, if the weather good enough you may enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji.

I guarantee everyone will love this place. they also have souvenirs shop, cafe, kids park, and cute train for people who wanna take a look around this park.

Are you guys interested to come here?

Check the information below!

Fuefukigawa Fruit Park 405-0043

1488 Ezohara Yamanashi City

http://fuefukigawafp.co.jp/(Japanese only)( External link )

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