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Realizing the weather is really good these days I decided to do basketball with my friend. Beautiful fall season in Kofu was a good vibes, driving along the road with red trees view to Kose Sport Park is such a bonus.

Located in central Kofu, this key center of athletic activities is the largest athletic complex in Yamanashi, equipped with an athletic field, gymnasium, martial arts stadium, swimming pool, and weight room. Kose sport park is a good place for everyone, they have so many facilities anyone can use just for free.

We can do both playing and sport, the also have a lot of ice cream selling machine, it was my best day ever.

The have a big parking lot and very clean park which makes me wanna stay longer.

I wish I could live here in Yamanashi, the facilities services for civilian is great.

Curious about Yamanashi? Or want to know more about Kose Sport Park?

Just check the information below!

Have a healthy life! See you..

Open hour: 08.00~22.00 (monday to sunday)


840 Kose-machi

Kofu City, Yamanashi

Telp. 055-243-3111

(10 minutes by car from the Chuo Expressway Kofu-Minami Interchange)

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