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Nezu memorial Museum

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So, Nezu memorial museum is a birthplace of Kaichiro Nezu, a businessman that represents the modern Japan .

In 1905 Nezu became President of Tobu Railway and successfully helped to grow the company to one of the largest private rail operators in Kanto region.

Constructed in 1933, Nezu's family home in Yamanashi has been preserved as the Nezu Memorial Museum.

There are some miniatures of the tobu toku, tobu train, and some of heritages from Nezu like piano, sewing machine, and many more.

This house is a traditional japanese house, a really nice place to relax, and there is a garden in the backyard with koi fish around. A beautiful house with good air and nice view.

If you wanna know how Nezu manage his business successfully, just come to visit!

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Nezu Memorial Museum

Open days: Tuesday - Sunday (Monday closed)

Open time: 9.30-16.30

Ticket : Adult (300 yen), student (200 yen), children (100 yen)

Address : 296, Shotokuji, Yamanashi, Yamanashi Prefecture, 〒405-0032

Tel. : 0553-21-8250

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