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Minami Inagako, Minami Alps

One of the best autumn spot I've ever visit in my entire life. I can't believe that I found a heaven in Yamanashi. An amazing combination of green lake, red leaves trees, koi fish, and a beautiful swan swimming around. This place is so quiet, you can take a walk and enjoy the nature.

Minami Alps is one of the highest place in Yamanashi. I have a friend who live in Minami Alps, she said that the nature is really good, and there is a fresh water that you can drink everyday.

There were 2 swans in this lake but one of them is gone and now there is only one beautiful swan and some kamo (japanese duck) swimming around.

If you wanna enjoy the best autumn spot, maybe you have to come here and see the wonderful autumn. But the transportation is kind of difficult because they only have one bus in an hour. You can come here by car or taxi. It's a place you can not reached by train. May need an effort to get there but it's worth!

I bet you amazed by this view!

Come and feel the fresh air that you can't get in a big city!

Lake Inagako, Kamiichinose, Minami Alps 400-0317, Yamanashi Prefecture.

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