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Enjoy Yamanashi Cuisine at Houtou Kaikan, Shosenkyo

On my first day trip in this internship, I decided to go to Shosenkyo Gorge – one of the best sightseeing spots in Japan. I took the bus to go straight to Shosenkyo Ropeway. On the way, I saw Kakuepo – the highest cliff in Shosenkyo and be said that the monk Kakuen mediated on the top of the cliff, which has a width of a few mats.

After about 20 minutes taking the bus, I went to Shosenkyo Ropeway. At the gate, there are 5 lovely owls in line. What an ideal check-in place!

I bought the ropeway ticket and went with other visitors. From the ropeway, I enjoyed the beauty of nature in Shosenkyo Gorge. I was impressed by the charm of Arakawa Dam, which is located in Okushosenkyo Valley and was built as a water dam.

I shot a picture to keep memory in the top of Shosenkyo.

After that, I went to Houtou Kaikan – a famous restaurant in Shosenkyo and had a lunch. The Houtou Kaikan offers a variety of seasonal dishes featuring the local specialty houtou noodles, the delicious embodiment of the local culture of the Kai region and the perfect culinary companion to the scenic beauty of Shosen Gorge.

I ordered Houtou Noodles made from wheat flour and stewed in miso soup with mushroom, pumpkins, and other vegetables. The difference between Houtou Kaikan with the last restaurant I ate was that Houtou Noodles was cooked at the guest’s table. Therefore, we could talk with friends while waiting for Houtou. On that day, I went with an old man coming from Kobe. We talked a lot about Japan, Yamanashi, especially Fuji Mountain.

Houtou Noodles was incredibly delicious and I fulfilled the moment when I visited Shosenkyo.

To grab a bite with friends whilst visting Shosenkyo Gorge, we highly recommend to Houtou Kaikan.

【Shosenkyo Gorge Hoto Kaikan】

Address: Kofu-City, Ikari-cho 393

TEL: 055-287-2131


【Shosenkyo Ropeway】


TEL: 055-287-2111

Apr. 1 -- Nov. 30: 9:00 -- 17:30

Dec. 1 -- Mar. 31: 9:00 -- 16:30


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