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Trip to marine life in Fuji Spring Water Aquarium

On the very first day of New Year 2019, I took a bus from IsawaOnsen Station to Kawaguchiko Station and stopped at Sakana Park. Hiden behind Sakana Park is Fuji Spring Water Aquarium.

This aquarium is specializing in freshwater fish which are swimming in freshwater from Mountain Fuji and located in Oshino-mura area.

This aquarium has 2 floor. On the first floor there is a double-layered water tank, shore fish, deepwater fish, river fish, small creatures and a touching- tank.

On the second floor there is a theater, an open lab corner, a virtual fishing corner and a library corner.

I spent 15 minutes to watch a short movie. What a helpful story! I was taught about marine life by a cute fish, and the way human have been treating the marine life.

After that, I experienced in the virtual fishing corner. Although it was on New Year Holiday, a lot of parents took their sons and daughters to visit Fuji Spring Water Aquarium and studied about marine life.

Freshwater fish in a water tank may not sound very interesting, but the aquarium has designed the water tanks with special care, such as using very clear water and offering unique experiences to visitors in comparison to other regular aquariums.

One of the most interesting experience in this day trip is writing wishes in Japanese. My paper was quite ugly, but I was incredibly happy and excited.

In Sakana Park, there is also a Study hall in forest that forest called as Mori no gukushu-kan. However, bacause of Tet Holiday, it was closed.

To spend holiday with family in Kawaguchiko area, we highly recommend Fuji spring water aquarium and Mori no Gakushu-kan.


[opening time] From 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. [closed days] On Tuesday (in the case of holiday, we are opened and are closed the next day) [admission] Adult: The 420 yen / small, junior high student: 200 yen Contact TEL. 0555-20-5135 [URL] http://www.morinonakano-suizokukan.com/

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