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Play in Yamanashi Science Museum

Yamanashi Science Museum (山梨県立科学館 Yamanashi-kenritsu kagaku-kan) is a science museum located in Kofu, Japan. The museum specializes in astronomy,and technology.

The Science Museum should be a must for every child’s childhood.

Here to bring children from the small science of life to the mystery of the universe.

Last month, I just watched an anime "The Street I Only Be I" has a collection. The main character of the primary school student meets in the Science Museum after school. After that, I always wanted to go to the Science Museum to experience the feeling of childhood.

Because it is the reason for going on weekdays, there is no one in the Science Museum. No play items need to be lined up. I am excited to play every adult to play.

What I am most looking forward to is "Star Walk" at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. When I saw "The Literary Girl", there was such a scene, just like the feeling of the Holy Land. When the lights are off, only the voice of the commentator, the secret of the starry sky, as if reaching out to reach the stars, the starry sky is really beautiful.

Ps: Because the Yamanashi Science Museum is on the mountain, if you take the train, you need to climb a hill, about 30 minutes. But the night scene should look great.

Adress: 358-1 Atagomachi, Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture 400-0023

Open time:

Thursday 09:30–17:00

Friday 09:30–17:00

Saturday 09:30–17:00

Sunday 09:30–17:00

Monday Free

Tuesday 09:30–17:00

Wednesday 09:30–17:00

Tel : 055-254-8151

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