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Kawaguchi-ko Music Forest Museum

Located at the shore of Lake Kawaguchiko, Kawaguchiko Forest Music Art Museum is a medieval Swiss-style architectural town. There are five European-style lodges in the town, the music clock plaza with time-lapse dolls and fountains, the world's largest dance, the use of organ instruments and sand paintings, the sale of various music boxes, chocolates and local souvenirs in Mount Fuji. The art gallery store has a café that overlooks Mt. Fuji and enjoys gourmet food or afternoon tea. There are 720 varieties of 1,500 roses in the rose art garden, and the largest of them, with display and more precious music boxes and automatic people. Even the music box museum. In the music museum of the music box, there are precious music boxes from all over the world. The largest ones are as big as the ones, the small ones can be placed in the palm of your hand, and the appearance is even more varied.

The art hanging design is extraordinarily beautiful, and the dreamy castle is not just a big toy, but also a symphony orchestra.

The only thing that was a pity to go to the cloudy day was that I could not see Mount Fuji on the lake.

There are still 5 performances to enjoy in one day.

1. Automatic cooperation between musical instruments and opera singers

2. Enjoy the joint performance of automatic instrumental performance and tap dance

3. The world's largest automatic organ playing

4. Performing art performances with sand, with live performances and performances

5. The same performance of the doll and the music spray

(Princess service rental is available in the art gallery, it is very cheap, there are 1000, 2000, 3000 yuan choices, you can rent 90 minutes)


open time :9:30~17:30(最終入館17:00) ※以下の通り、季節により変動

  • 2019年3月1日(金)~7月19日(金) 9:30~18:00(最終入館17:00)

  • 2019年4月27日(土)~5月6日(月) 9:00~18:00(最終入館17:00)

  • 2019年7月20日(土)~8月25日(日) 9:00~18:00(最終入館17:00)

  • 2019年8月26日(月)~2020年1月14日(火) 9:30~18:00(最終入館17:00)

  • 2020年1月25日(土)~2月29日(土) 9:30~17:30(最終入館17:00)

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