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Winter fireworks in Fuefuki

In the Fuefuki City of Yamanashi Prefecture, there have winter fireworks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week in February.

(In fact, there is not only have winter fireworks in Fuefuki City, but also have in Lake Kawaguchiko)

When I first told about the fireworks to my friends in Tokyo , they were surprised. It was originally the activity of the East Flower Fire in Yamanashi Prefecture. And can last for a month.

On the bank of the river of Fuefuki, there is a car that distributes warm rice wine and red bean soup on the shore. A good and intimate move, I worry that everyone will feel cold when watching fireworks in the winter.

Beautiful fireworks are like a meteor falling from the sky.

I think the government's policy of getting people to gather together to watch fireworks is very good. It will not cause environmental pollution, and the recycling of fireworks is very convenient.

All the fireworks is a riot of colors, resplendent with variegated coloration, the crowed issued from time to time bursts of applause, cheers.

Eight forty five, fireworks over, the crowed gradually dispersed, we followed the crowed to one’s heart content to back.








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