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Sadoya Winery-Experience Japanese wine culture

A few days ago, I visited Sadoya winery in a prefecture to experience Japanese wine culture. The winery that has European style, entered the door to experience the culture breath of wine. Our wine teacher, dressed in a suit, introduced us to the wine making process of KOFU, and took us to taste three kinds of wines with different tastes, and deeply felt the etiquette of wine. (it is a pity that I do not drink, can only be a person beside silently drinking grape juice)

I think if you are interested in wine culture and etiquette, yamanashi county may wish to come to visit. There are many wineries in yamanashi, because the grapes of yamanashi are so delicious that the wines of yamanashi are also very famous. I don't know much about wine, so I can't tell the difference in the taste of wines from different regions. You can come here and taste the wines of yamanashi


Sadoya is by entrepreneurs imai seizo in six years in the a-fu region was born.

So he opened a family in the era of edo oil "zuodu house,"

Meiji 42 years, turned into the business of wine, beer, "sadoya hotel".

However, jing SAN likes high-quality things and keeps ahead of The Times.

"I grew up in viticulture and wine making was my destiny," he says.

From the hotel industry to make wine.

Considering that "Japanese grapes are used to produce world quality wines",

Before wine was grown exclusively in France,

Seydoux has been making wine in the region since ancient times.













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