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Châteraisé [Ice Cream Free All You Can Eat!]

Hello Sweet Lovers!

Do you know or ever heard Châteraisé?

Greetings from Châteraisé

“Natural Sweet & Gift”

Welcome to Châteraisé

It is first time to me heard this name and also first time came to Ice cream Factory in my life for surely. Exactly this brand is really famous, not only in Japan but also in the other countries like Indonesia, UAE, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, and so on. I also surprised that Châteraisé just have five store in my country and all of store located in capital city in Indonesia. I wondering how the taste of it! I am coming to try you later sweety!

Then about history i little bit confused from Châteraisé name before, I thought that it’s one of brand from France. But after I check, it’s original from Yamanashi, Japan. I heard from my japanese friend, he said that from long time ago there are two store called “Amataro” (sell cake that filled red bean inside) and “Yamato Ice” (sell Ice cream) and because of cake which filled read bean was out of stock during the winter and ice cream most needed in summer. Also both of them developed well and became famous, and the boss are also sibling, they decided to made collaboration together into one brand and now became “Châteraisé”!

About history more you can also check it in website below!

For location, I think this factory just can be reach by car cause it is located in the middle of forest. So, if you want to go there you can get rental car from city in Yamanashi Prefecture. I often see foreigners came to Yamanashi by car. Maybe some of them also got rental car from near Haneda/ Narita Airport and drive until Yamanashi. So don't worry! Rental Car everywhere! This factory also not really far from Suntory Factory. It just take about 5 minutes, so after you go to Châteraisé you can also go to the other near destination. But from city in Yamanashi Prefecture like Fuefuki city it will be takes around 1 hours by car to go this place.

When you already arrive here you can find like sweet store in first floor product of Châteraisé and if you want to see the process you can go to second floor. Before you enter place of making process you have to change your shoes with shoes that already provided there.

And for first step you can find Map which is steps that you know which area you passing, and you also will speechless cause you can find nice spot, white aisle with blue shades and there are amazing 3D video like this! You have to see this! Awesome!

Map Châteraisé Factory Tour

Then after you pass it and follow the road you can find the process bean making and if you continue your next step, you can find how to make or packaging ice cream while we also can eat ice cream all you can eat! How amazing Japanese Factory! They provide many taste ice cream like milk,corn, red bean, choco banana, natural water from minami alps, and so on. The favorite one for me is choco banana was really good taste, and nice combination. And they really susceptible, cause they also put the water to drink. Of course after eat ice cream you will be thirsty. And they really understand to the customer who came!

While i ate ice cream, i also tried to communicate with people around like students which field trip there. They are really kind and look happy and enjoy their field trip time. For the last they also smile and said goodbye to me!

Was really nice day for me! Sweet day and also sweet people around!

Next this text there is the process bean

Here i add address & link website to all of you wondering about this product! Check it out!

For English website : https://www.chateraise.co.jp/global

Lookfor global site and there’s some explanation in English about Châteraisé and how many country this brand spread it till now.

Japanese website : https://www.chateraise.co.jp/

Compare with English and Japanese website, Japanese website still more complete. So, for all of you still have question more just contact them or if you have japanese friends maybe they can help you! Also if you ask Yamanashi people when you confused, for sure they will answer/ help you untill detail, cause Yamanashi people everywhere you go they sweet and really kind!

I love it!

Châteraisé Hakushu Factory

Address : Ohara-8383-1 Hakushucho Shirasu, Hakuto, Yamanashi 408-0315

(Tlp : 0551-35-4611)

Now Châteraisé time sweeters!

Enjoy your day with sweet things! Happy Life! See you soon in the other stories of my awesome trip!

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